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2019 New Goals!

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2019 New Goals!

Isn’t she the cutest!

Hey Friends,

It’s a fresh new year and that means new goals for 2019!

One of our team goals for 2019 is to enhance the Customer Experience for Ava’s Brides by offering a digital platform to connect and guide our real brides through the unknowns.

Last Wednesday you ladies rocked it in our closed group during our January theme of “Alterations Month”. Click here for our events page on Facebook!

Prior to the class, many of you were feeling much like my daughter Ava in this picture above holding a dead snake on a stick. Ha.

Bridal Alterations can sort of feel like a dead snake on a stick, for certain.

Can’t blame you for ruffling your nose at an unfamiliar topic like alterations. After this class, I loved seeing comments like “This was so helpful!” from the replay viewers.

We started the class telling you my “Why”.
As if I am not busy enough as a #Momprenuer, why on Earth would I want to add one more thing to my calendar?

Loved sharing my heart, my passion and why our team works to ensure we improve the way consumers are educated simply by sharing our data, experiences and real-life stories. Sure, not all the stories were glowing. Many of them were my fails. I am okay with sharing mistakes. What’s important is sharing the knowledge to stop the cycle.

Next we crossed over into the land of “Top 5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid in Bridal Alterations” (even if you don’t plan to use our company for alterations this information was awesome yet easy to follow).

Understanding this, we dove into the Top 5 Trending Alterations for DFW Brides in 2019 (loved when Ava’s Real Bride Meagan Carlisle had her “ah ha” moment with chocolate + glitter tulle in the class!)

Here is another picture of my girl Ava and her buddy Brady having their “ah ha” moment much like many of you did Wednesday learning new vocabulary words like “Bootie pop, portrait shot, line, bust cup, and bustle bustle bustle.”

When I look back at the wins for 2018, I consistently see how much you value our in-house alterations department that began with our ownership.

Our numbers in alterations + bridal gowns grew tremendously in 2018 thanks to your generosity and referrals. Thank you for telling your friends about our family business!

Can you believe we were 14 days into 2019 and had two referrals in our couture design services?

We started 2019 strong with a $1,600.00 custom design prom dress order on day 5. Added a $3,000.00 custom design quince gown on day 8.

Safe to say, 2019 we are ready for ya.

Many of the years I have consulted with brides in the salon, I hear how afraid each of you are when you confirm your first fitting. I mean seriously some of you are down right petrified.

Why not send us a “Get Started” direct message from our website and let us walk you through how simple bridal alterations are?

Sure, it’s easy for me to say this in 2019 when I still remember the first few times navigating my way through a lace hem. Those lace hems used to make me insecure. Total doubt and fear of failing when I started in the late 90’. Now I laugh at lace hems and do cartwheels with lace hems.

You are a bride.

You are insanely busy. Catch it all on the reply while you drive to work!

Here is what’s next for our January theme:

  1. Live Q + A on January 23, 2019 @ 6:00pm on Facebook LIVE.
  2. FREE Alterations Giveaway entries will be accepted week of January 21st and ends week of Jan 31st. The winner will be announced LIVE on Thursday, January 31st around 5:30pm.
  3. We have other Real Bride features like Champagne with Sue + Deanna in the pinned Facebook post on January 10th as well as a Live Unboxing with Cecille on January 11th at 6:00pm. Hope you guys were able to take part in these events!

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