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Alterations Training!

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Alterations Training!

Hello Beautiful Ava’s Brides!

Thank you for making December’s customer message a quality outreach. I was thrilled to see so many of you emailing, texting, calling + messaging us to share your positive feedback. “Air high fives” to all of you.

If you missed our December training theme, click here for December

Week 1 video!

Week 2 video!

Week 3 video!

Week 4 video!

I know how busy you are after the holidays, but it’s time to think about January. Our 2019 Wifey Club Closed Group is gonna get super technical for the first month of 2019 because I want to make sure that we are starting the conversation so our Ava’s Brides can successfully plan for the perfect “fit” in your wedding gown. (This was our highest requested customer topic in 2018!)

2019 Wifey Club Closed Group

Alterations aren’t just about what’s taken in, or what’s let out.

In January let’s get technical and talk about Bridal Alterations Success. And yes, we are going to talk about costs and how to make sure that you are utilizing your resources to their fullest by paying attention to what results you hope to achieve.

My couture seamstress nerdy side might make it’s appearance because we are diving into my area of skilled labor. (This is totally how I got into the bridal business back in 1998, people. Goodness, were some of you even born?) We don’t necessarily have to understand the sewing part, but I promise if you follow my free Wifey Club training you will be so relaxed when your gown arrives or when it’s time to start your first alterations fitting.

And even if you aren’t purchasing your alterations at Ava’s Bridal, trust me, these tips will help you too!

Click here to view our alterations page!

So, a few things to get on your calendar TODAY: (Yes, I have all the helpful links right here for your “January to do” list, beautiful!)

• Wednesday, January 2nd at anytime – Join the 2019 Wifey Club Closed Group. Be sure to enter your phone # and email for faster service.

• Thursday, January 3rd at anytime – “Subscribe” to our virtual assistant by clicking here. When you subscribe, you receive reminders. Don’t miss a moment to talk, plan + learn.

• Wednesday, January 9th at 6pm CST – Live Alterations Training. Where? 2019 Wifey Club Closed Group

• Wednesday, January 23rd at 6pm CST – Live Alterations Q&A – Office Hours. Where? 2019 Wifey Club Closed Group

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Let me break it down for you so you know what to ask/expect:
• One: What is a bustle? Learning the bustle. My top 3 FAQ related to bustles. How to make them last thru the reception. How to save time.
• Two: My top 2 questions in fittings related to curves of the body.
• Three: Undergarments Importance, How they impact fit + how?
• Four: Technical Fit – Top 2 questions regarding weight fluctuation impacting take in/out that every bride wants to know + plan for.

Now, I know this can already feel overwhelming, because hello, we don’t purchase wedding dress alterations every day. But, I encourage you. It will put your mind at ease if you join us for our helpful alterations training during your lunch break!

Before I let you go, I want you to do me one big favor. Would you tag a recently engaged friend in the comments + share our Ava’s Experience as a digital referral? We LOVE your referrals, shares, tags and comments. It’s the best compliment you can give us. Thank you in advance for helping me tell other future Ava’s Brides about our local bridal business on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, Texas! Here is the link to the post to share, comment, like this post to let me know you are with me. (Click Here to Comment on our Post)

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