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Murphey: Feature Bride

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Murphey: Feature Bride

One of the best perks of our job is to relive a wedding day with our brides. As they step into the shop, some with a vision and some without, it is so fun to make memories and help them find that one special dress that will let their personality shine. Murphey came to us with entourage in tow, after a long Pinterest binge. She was set on finding a gown that would put a twist on her classic and traditional wedding theme. The perfect gown stood out in a big way, and it exceeded everyone’s expectations.


Our staff greeted a very cheerful Murphey into the shop that day. She was so excited to embark on this new life journey. With the support of her crew, all holding a special significance in her life, they started browsing. Murphey had pictured a lace trumpet or mermaid style gown for her big day, or so she thought. That morning, she decided to take one last glance at Pinterest for wedding inspiration, just as every bride does! She came across a ballgown with a deep V, and lots of embellishments. Thinking to herself trying on something like that would be fun, she tucked that thought away. That silhouette was in style during her prom days and she thought it was too princess-like for her personality. After browsing through hundreds of dresses in our boutique, Murphey came face-to-face with a gown that matched what she saw online, and it absolutely took her breath away. She still didn’t give in immediately, though, and continued to browse. About five minutes later, she heard her mother exclaim, “Oh, Murphey. Come over here. This is it. This is you.”  She didn’t even have to turn around to know what dress she was talking about. Goosebumps!

Murphey’s perfect dress was Tamirys by Sottero and Midgley. This gown is the perfect mix of a classic and traditional ball gown with a modern twist. The bodice is adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearls in a lattice pattern. The deep V adds a dramatic element that flows tastefully into the organza skirt. The back of this gown is finished with an illusion back that repeats the lattice crystal and pearl pattern. What’s the best part? It has hidden pockets to add a level of comfort and convenience.

This dress truly is the full package, just like our bride, Murphey. She saved this gown for last, trying on many others in a different silhouette that she thought she wanted. They were all pretty but fell short of the mark. She said, “When I put it on we all just gawked. Then we cried. Moral of the story: keep your mind open or you might miss the dress that was made for you!”


Murphey and Kyle were married on November 11, 2017 at the Palace Arts Theater by her brother, who was ordained specifically for this purpose. They wanted a beautiful, timeless and elegant wedding that still provided a comfortable environment for their guests to let loose. Both growing up in the Fort Worth area, they felt it was challenging to find a venue that fit all their needs, while still adding that level of comfort they desired. The event was black tie optional, fulfilling the classic elegant portion of their theme. Texas BBQ was catered in from Baker’s Ribs in Grapevine, serving as a little hat tip to their roots. They made sure the bar was fully stocked with Shiner and Jack Daniels. This twist kept the vibe casual, even though everyone was dressed to the nines. In the end, only a few etiquette rules were broken at the expense of an epic celebration.

Early on into the planning process, Murphey had a dream to have a flower wall at the wedding. After exploring this option with a few vendors, she came to the realization that it was not in the budget. She was still determined to fulfill this dream, and with the help of her husband, mother, and maid of honor, they made it happen DIY style. Blood, sweat, wine, and a lot of sleepless nights resulted in a beautiful labor of love to be displayed on the most important day of her life.

The day was so very special to Murphey and Kyle. Murphey’s favorite memory was the father-daughter dance. Her grandfather began the dance with her, and also walked her down the aisle. As the music continued, each of her uncles, brother, and father-in-law all cut in to share the moment. She said, “It was a beautiful moment and an amazing way to honor all the men in my life who love me and have contributed to the woman I am today.”

Sprinkled throughout the entire day were tributes to all their family and friends who have touched their lives. Between the bridal party, friendship and memories average 17 years and are so cherished. Murphey and Kyle’s sister, Carly, have been friends since they were 13. Living only a mile away from each other, they did everything together. The bond that was formed grew stronger as they grew up and remain best friends today, more like sisters. Murphey said, “Saying “I do” to the man of my dreams was amazing, but the added bonus of marrying into a family I have loved and respected for so many years and my best friend becoming my sister was like a fairytale.”

And they lived happily ever after. Congratulations to our Ava’s Bridal Couture Feature Bride!

Wedding & Reception Venue: Palace Arts Theater

Caterer: Baker’s Ribs Grapevine

Cake: Kayleigh Oyerbides

Hair: Beth Turner

Make Up: Nicole Ann

Spa Services: Xotic Tan & Sun Spa

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